Vegan Vanilla French Toast

I created this French toast in partnership with Silk.  All opinions are my own. Now that the new year is well under way I have started to settle back into daily groove.  I am finally able to unwind from holiday stress and have been turning my thoughts from the end of year crunch towards refreshing, renewing and letting life bloom.  The past few months have been pretty stressful for me on both the personal and professional front, so to say that I am finally breathing a sigh of relief is a pretty big deal in my world right now. I've hinted at making a few big life changes over on Facebook recently (no, it's not what you think) and I am finally at the point where all is about to be revealed. … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Pocket Pastries

Easy homemade pop tarts

I created these apple cinnamon pocket pastries in partnership with Melt organic.  All opinions are my own. Sunday mornings around here are my favorite. They are the only day of the week that I get to unplug and the whole family gets to hang out in our jammies and just do nothing. We watch movies on the couch, construct sheet forts and pretty much just take the day to unwind from everything that happened the week before. It's also the only day of the week that the family sits down together for a big breakfast. Throughout the week Judah eats breakfast at school, Kaia has cereal or fruit and my husband and I skip it altogether, so having one day that we all share a family breakfast is … [Read more...]

Cloud Dough DIY That Keeps Skin Hydrated!

I used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners Remember last month when I showed you how to make bath paints out of JOHNSON'S® Baby Head To Toe Baby Wash?  Well I'm back with yet another ridiculously easy craft that uses that same hypoallergenic and super gentle formula in a fun new way! If you have kids of your own I'm sure you have heard of cloud dough. If not, then you are in for a treat! It's a great sensory activity for kids that is soft yet sturdy at the same time (think Kinetic Sand that doesn't clean out your wallet) and is super easy to make at home.  It usually calls for vegetable oil, but I thought it … [Read more...]

Doing More With Peace Of Mind {& Win A Video Monitor!}

This post was sponsored by Levana.  All opinions are my own. Parenthood, eh? It's the most awesome and terrifying thing I've ever experienced. I have these two perfect little beings that rely on me for survival, and I love them with all my heart, but whoa. It tests the limit of my sanity worrying about the what ifs.  Yes, those pesky little fears that get in your head and cause paranoia. I remember when Judah was born I was a mess - I think I checked on him while he slept every ten minutes for an entire year, and then when Kaia was born I did it all over again.  Once each of them reached toddlerhood cribs gave way to beds, and that's when things started getting interesting. Having all this … [Read more...]

Easy Maple Granola {And My New Snack Love}

Easy granola with Silk yogurt alternative

I made this granola in partnership with Silk.  I personally love the brand and all opinions are 100% my own. So now that it is 2015 I'm sure that everyone is refreshed, ready to take on the world and finally committed to losing that last pesky baby weight that's been hanging around for years.  Wait, what?  No?  Eh, me neither. While some might be awakening their inner chi and all that jazz, I'm just trying to keep it together with a house full of kids, running a business from home and a husband who is a brand new stay at home dad.  So I think it's safe to say that I have no intentions on transformative New Years goals.  With that said, I do still want to continue to choose smart snacks that … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili

This might come as a surprise to you, but I have never in my life used a slow cooker until this month.  I know, how the heck did I get by?  I mean, all that easy cooking, setting and forgetting, non time consuming cooking and I just went without? To be fair, I really didn't know what all the fuss was about.  My mom had one when I was growing up but the only thing she ever made in it was beef stew, so I never fully learned just how awesome this kitchen gadget really was.  Well guess what?  A few months ago I finally got one and it has been quite the obsession around here ever since!  I am still learning the ropes, so I don't have a lot of recipes with it under my belt, but one of my absolute … [Read more...]

Blackberry Tartlet With Whole Grain Oat Crust

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Quaker. All opinions are mine alone. #MyOatsCreation #CollectiveBias It is a brand new year, and with that brings new goals and lifestyle overhauls.  I have never been one to make resolutions, but I do plan on cleaning up my eating habits after an especially indulgent holiday season.  I know, it's hard to put down the triple chocolate fudge and go back to veggie wraps and oatmeal, but just because something is made with smart ingredients doesn't mean it has to be boring boring!  In fact, I absolutely love taking foods that are traditionally decadent and revamping them with better ingredients and bold new flavors.  Every year I pick … [Read more...]

Build An Olaf Kit


I created this build an Olaf snowman kit as part of a partnership with Hefty.  All opinions are my own. Now that the big day has come and gone it's time to sit back and start winding down from all the holiday stress.  Kids are out of school,  so on top of everything else I have to figure out how to entertain eager (and sometimes unruly) littles.  Oy.  In an effort to curb boredom and keep curious minds at bay I came up with this Build an Olaf kit inspired by Hefty's adorable snowman craft.  This kit is super easy to put together, costs next to nothing and is great for before and after holiday activities.  Check it out: Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year it's a … [Read more...]

Playing It Forward With Step2


This year has been a true blessing for my family.  Not only have I been able to call this passion of mine a full time job, but it's become a way to fully support my family so that both my husband and I can stay home with the kids.  I work extremely hard, but it's work that I truly enjoy doing and I can't imagine ever giving this up. As you already know, I have been an ambassador for Step2 this past year and it has been one of the absolute best experiences.  I have gotten to know the brand inside and out, I have traveled to their headquarters in Ohio to meet with their amazing team and see first hand the process of how their toys go from thoughts and drawings to full on production.  Over the … [Read more...]

Last Minute Gifts For First Time Parents

I used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners Holy heck, y'all, there are only a few days left until Christmas!  If you are like me then you no doubt waited until the last minute to do the bulk of your gift shopping and are now frantically trying to pull something out of nowhere.  I have always been a bit of a procrastinator, but whoa.  This year snuck up on me quicker than ever!  When Judah was born I didn't really know anyone else with kids, but over the past year a lot of my friends have had littles so I have quite a few babies to shop for.  Most of them are first time parents, so when deciding what to gift I … [Read more...]