Nutella Filled Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day is in just two days, and I have a great last minute recipe for some adorable and delicious Nutella filled conversation hearts!  I know, you just might need a minute to let that sink in.  You already know how much I adore Nutella, and who doesn’t love conversation hearts? I thought it was only fitting to combine the two for an awesome and easy heart shaped treat!  Oh, and since it is the 12th, go ahead and hang around until the end of this post for a round up of eleven more fabulous love themed recipes from my favorite fellow foodies – you are going to LOVE all the sweet treats we have to offer this month!

Nutella filled conversation hearts recipe

Before we start, a warning.  However many you *think* you want to make, double it.  Otherwise you won’t have any left to give!  These are really a lot simpler than they look and don’t require much prep time or skill, so you can easily whip them up in under an hour.

Here is what you need:

  • one tub of Nutella
  • two pie crusts (make your own from this recipe or buy pre made from your local grocery store)
  • quick setting cookie icing in a few different colors
  • food safe markers (find it in the baking section or party supply store)
  • heart shaped cookie cutter

First preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Next roll out your dough onto parchment paper or nonstick pan and cut an even number of heart shapes.

Easy pie crust cookies

Squirt some Nutella onto half of them.  You can drop it on by spoonfuls if you want, but I find it easier to fill up a Ziplock bag, cut off a corner and do it that way.  You want a good bit of Nutella, but don’t go overboard or else it will spill out while they are baking.

Nutella cookies for Valentines day

Now that your Nutella is on take the other half of your hearts and gently place them on top.  DO NOT put pressure on the middle – press around the sides and close any gaps, then go around the edges gently with a fork.

Pop them in the oven for 10-13 minutes or until they are golden and then set them aside to cool for another 10 minutes.  Once they are cooled, draw a small heart on top of each cookie with your icing and let it set for a few minutes so that you will have a barrier against spilling over the sides.  After that just fill them in and wait for your icing to firm up.

Make your own conversation hearts

Now all you have to do is write something sweet on each cookie and you are finished!

Make your own conversation hearts for Valentine's Day

Nutella Filled Conversation Hearts

These tastes SO good!  They are perfect gifts too – just stack a few up, put them in a clear gift bag and tie a ribbon around it.  Voila, you’re now the best Valentine giver EVER!

Easy Nutella filled cookies

Now that you have these amazing cookies filled with Nutella goodness, check out some more delicious heart shaped recipes!

 photo 12BloggersIngredientsMonthsFebruary_zps57253766.jpg

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