Snack Smart With Skinny Cow Ganache

You know all that holiday baking I’ve been doing?  Well, it is taking a toll on my body.  With Christmas right around the corner and New Years creeping up behind it, it is time for me to start getting on top of my snacking habits.  I have always tried to eat healthy, but lately I feel like I have indulged in WAY too many bad for me sweets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love indulging, but I need to start snacking smarter if I want to survive the holidays and still fit into my favorite pair of jeans.  I recently got the opportunity to try the new Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache cones, and not only are they a smarter way to indulge, but oh my gosh they are amazing!

Skinny Cow Ganache frozen treats #shop

I know, you’re probably thinking “How in the world can something that looks like that be a SMART snack?!” Well because it comes from Skinny Cow, of course!  If you aren’t familiar with this brand, you should be.  They make the most amazing treats, candies, and ice creams using “better for you” ingredients and keep the fat and calories to a minimum. These decadent frozen treats are a chocolate lovers dream – rich chocolate mint Ganache and lowfat ice cream all for 160 calories.  How’s that for smart?

Snack Smart And Control Your Portions

I have always been a huge chocolate lover, and ice cream is my biggest indulgence.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a pint of my favorite flavor, popped in a movie and downed the whole thing in one sitting.  Oh yes, that happens waaay too often.  And forget about scooping it into a bowl for portion control, ice cream is a little like pasta – what starts out as a single serving ends up being enough for a family feast!  That’s one great thing about the Skinny Cow cones -they take the guess work out of portioning so I don’t end up overindulging.  Are your drooling yet?

Skinny Cow Ganache frozen treats #shop

Take Time To Eat Right

Being a mom means you are busy ALL the time, but during the holidays it seems like everything is going in hyperspeed and it is hard to find the time to eat right.  I’m usually so busy during the day that I skip meals and end up starving, exhausted, and needing a pick-me-up by 2pm.  So I polish off a few cupcakes and down a soda to tide me over until dinner, then crash and burn once the sugar rush wears off and spend the rest of the night trying to ward off a headache.  What I SHOULD be doing is choosing healthy snacks throughout the day (think fresh veggies, hummus, crackers, etc.) to keep me fueled and indulge in a low sugar treat like Skinny Cow when my sweet tooth starts calling so I don’t crash later on.

Snack smart and treat yourself with Skinny Cow #shop

Indulge & Relax

I’m sure you are probably super stressed right now.  It’s the home stretch before Christmas and it seems like there are a million things left to do.  There are parties to get ready for, gifts to wrap, family members to visit, and everything is moving so fast that it is overwhelming.  Sometimes it feels like we can’t get a break.  But you know what? We can, and we should.  Things don’t always have to be perfect.  Step away from Pinterest, your worth is not measured by how creative your gift wrapping is or how Pinworthy your tablescape looks.  What really matters is YOU, just the way you are.  So take a moment to pat yourself on the back for being you.  Prop your feet up, unwrap a Skinny Cow Ganache cone and forget about your stress.  You deserve it!

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These #SkinnyCowGanache cones will be available on December 17th in select Walmart stores nationwide, so be sure to look for them very soon!  Until then, happy holidays!




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