Kahiniwalla: Fair Trade Children’s Toys

Children’s products these days just aren’t what they used to be.  Between hundreds of thousands of recalls, shoddy workmanship and questionable materials sometimes it’s hard for a parent to trust what they’re buying.  The market is dominated by giant corporations which makes it hard for smaller retailers and independent brands to get noticed.  I’m not saying the “household name” brands are bad, we have quite a few of them at our house, but sometimes it’s nice to buy a toy that you know was made by hand and not on a production line.  
If you like unique handmade baby toys, you should check out Kahiniwalla.  Not only do they carry Fair Trade items of exceptional quality, but they have a great cause as well.  Their product line (called Pebble) is hand made in Bangladesh by poverty stricken women who would otherwise have to leave their families to work in harsh environments and often dangerous areas.  

Austin Miller, Kahiniwalla’s founder, sent me an adorable Octopus Rattle for my review.


Isn’t it cute?  I’ve got to say, the quality is amazing.  Each stitch is perfect and it is so very soft.  I intended on saving it for Kaia, but Judah loved it so much he stole it!  Now it’s one of his sleeping buddies.  Not a fan of the octopus?  That’s okay, there are tons more soft toys and rattles to choose from on Kahiniwalla’s website.  Each one is unique, so go check them out!

Buy it:  You can purchase Pebble toys directly from their website.
Connect:  Visit Kahiniwalla on Facebook.  You can also check out Pebble’s blog here.
*** I was provided a free product for my review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.  While I only recommend products that I personally try, my views may differ from yours.***


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