Worst week

This week was a bad one at my house.  Probably the worst yet since becoming a family of three.

It all started with my sister’s birthday dinner.  We got ready, gave Little J a bath, dressed him up, and left to meet the family at the restaurant.  Right at the end of our street (out of nowhere!) we heard this terrible gagging coming from the backseat, so I jumped back there to find little J and his carseat COVERED in vomit.  I mean wow.  I’ve never seen so much come out of something so small!  We headed back home to give him another shower and clean the carseat, and he was acting fine so I called to say we’d be late.  Twenty minutes later and we were back on the way.  Guess what happened again?  Yep.  Vomit city.  Followed by rivers of diarrhea.  The next few hours were full of Pedialyte and multiple calls to his Pedi.  We were told to keep pushing fluids and go to the ER if he got any worse.  Now, my son has never really been sick before. He’s had a cold here and there, but nothing like this, and he’s never actually vomited more than once or twice.  I’ve never felt so bad for him as I did when he wouldn’t stop throwing up, all I wanted to do was make my baby boy feel better but I couldn’t.  He finally calmed down a bit so we put him to bed, he fell asleep, and he vomited in his sleep.  THAT was scary.  We decided it was ER time.

The parking lot was super crowded so I dropped my husband and Little J at the door while I found a parking spot like forever away.  Now this is where the old lady I mentioned in this post comes in.  I walk into the hospital pushing the umbrella stroller with the diaper bag in it when someone grabs my arm.  I turn around and this lady ACTUALLY SAYS “Oh, you’re having a baby today huh?!”  Ohmyfreakinggod.  Followed by “I see you’ve got your stroller all ready too!”  I was LIVID.  Here I was rushing to get to my sick little boy and some stupid person took it upon herself to pull me aside (not to mention invade my personal space) and say THAT when I’m only six months pregnant.  I’m not generally a mean person to strangers, but this one had it coming and I feel no guilt about how I reacted.  I stopped, looked her dead in the eye and in the meanest tone I could muster said “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.”  Then I rolled my eyes at her and walked away.  It felt really good.      

Little J ended up having the Norovirus, and if you’ve ever had it you know how bad it is.  Lucky for him though, he was back to normal the next afternoon.  I can’t say the same for my husband and I.  That night  it hit both of us.  BAD.  For the next 24 hours I did nothing but vomit every 20 minutes while lying in bed moaning and going between sweating and chills.  I couldn’t function at all.  I seriously don’t remember ever being that sick since I was a little girl.  My husband didn’t seem as bad off as I was so he was on baby duty for a day, but bless his heart.  I don’t know how he made it while taking care of an active toddler.

It’s been a few days and I’m finally feeling normal again, but it was a bad week.  Not to mention the terrible body image I have now from that lady!  I know at six months I’m not supposed to look small anymore, I’ve got a baby over a foot long in there after all, but do I really look like I’m about to pop one out?!  God I hope not, I can only imagine what people will think two months from now.

That’s it for my little rant.  Hope you had more fun that I did.


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    Aww, I am so sorry you had a rough week! You were nicer than I would have been, though! When I was pregnant, I probably would have told her off and had her in tears. I’m a nice person usually, but 2 pregnancies in 2 years had me totally bitchy. Hope next week is better for you!

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    I am so sorry! That is pretty aweful and no fun! My little guy was sick with a fever, but luckily he didn’t have a vomit bug…I had that back in December and it was AWEFUL!!! Some people are just so clueless!!

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