Movin’ on up!

As you can see, I finally purchased my own domain name!  Yay!  Now, instead of that weird long generic url that blogger suggested, you can find me at  Fancy, huh?  

I’m really happy with it and it’s way overdue, but there are drawbacks too.  The main one is that all of my site rankings are set back to a big fat zero.  If you’re a blogger, you know how hard it is to build up your stats.  And if you’re a review blogger, you know how important those stats are.  Even though my old url redirects to the new one it’s still a brand new address, so my Alexa rank went from 95,000 in the US to “no data”.  And Google pagerank?  From a 2 to nada.
I know it won’t be as hard as when I first started because I’ve got hundreds of readers, but it will still take time.  One awesome way to help with this problem is entering blog hops.  As many as I can.  The more people who see my site, the better.  Not only is it a great way to help out my own blog, but there are so many other amazing ones out there to discover too! I usually visit a few each week, get a few new readers, and find new blogs to read myself.  I think it’s the number one best way to connect with such a huge community.  That’s one thing I learned pretty quickly in the beginning, if you want readers you have to cast your net where you’ll get some interest.  If you’re new to blogging I would suggest checking out my “blog hops” page and giving it a try!  
There’s going to be a few other changes around here in the coming weeks…mostly just small tweaks here and there.  Who knows, I might even start feeling fancy and redesign my whole page!  Or maybe not.  And expect me to be posting a lot more too.  I’ve found my blog love again.  As if you haven’t already noticed.     


  1. Shauna Nosler says

    OK … I own my domaine name but haven’t figured out how to make that my main blog – I guess I just make search engines point?? Anyhoo, stopping in from today’s hop … please come by today of you have time – I have a dilemma and I really need some answers! Oh, and I’d I love a follow via Google + and GFC if you don’t already. Thanks!! Just followed you.

  2. says

    Hello, coming over from the blog hop adding you into Google+ & such. I hope you enjoy your visit if you come by. Congrats on the domain! Theresa over on

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