Pregnancy update: 16 weeks

Now that I’m out of the first trimester, I’m going to start weekly pregnancy updates here.  With Little J I didn’t really keep track like I should have, and now I regret not being able to look back and see my progress or read about how I felt at a certain point in the pregnancy.  I’m getting a late start with it, but better late than never.  I’m also going to link up with a few other preggo bloggers for a weekly series called “My Pregnancy Journal”.  Here goes!

Happenings of the Harper Household

16 weeks

Wow, look at that belly.  I’m 16 weeks 1 day here and due June 18th 2012.  I feel HUGE!  I’ve only gained 3 pounds so far, but I stopped fitting in my normal clothes about a month ago.  They say you start showing sooner after the first, and with me that’s so true!  I think I look like I did when I was 20 weeks with little J.  
Want to know what’s going on at this stage?  Well, this is what  says about week 16: 
Stay on the lookout for some fluttering sensations in your abdomen. It might not be right at 16 weeks, but pretty soon you’ll start feeling baby moving around in there. At first those moves might feel like gas or a muscle twitch, but over time, as baby gets bigger and stronger, they’ll be unmistakable. Of course, feeling those movements comes with other issues, like having your lungs crowded by your growing babe. That could make it seem tough to catch your breath from time to time. Don’t worry: There are some positive symptoms you might be having at week 16. For example, some moms-to-be find their hair and nails grow faster. (Your hair might actually look thicker and more lustrous and your skin might look radiant, too. Woo hoo!) Another cool fact? Baby’s starting to be able to hear your voice — and she’ll recognize it at birth — so feel free to chat her up.
your baby’s the size of an avocado!
Now, she’s about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces, and she’s big enough that your doctor may be able to hear her heartbeat.

Here’s my weekly tidbits:

Symptoms:  I’m finally starting to get over the all day nausea that I’ve had the ENTIRE time.  Yay!  I still have to take Zofran every few days when I’m feeling especially pukey, but not like I was before.  I can also finally walk into my kitchen without dry heaving at the apparently “imaginary” horrendous smell that my husband swears isn’t there.  A few new symptoms that have come on are migraines and backaches.  I’ve never been prone to headaches, but I get terrible ones every few days now.  The backache is pretty constant and just above my tailbone.  I feel like being pregnant with Little J was a breeze compared to now, but I’m getting used to it.  

Weight gain:  I’ve gained 3 pounds so far.  I started at 137, so I’m 140 now.  I hope to stay on track this time…with little J I started at 116 and ended at a whopping 176.  60 pounds!?! Ouch.  

Cravings:  French toast.  I want to eat it all day.  I’ve even been dreaming about it:)  There’s an awesome brunch place I know of that has the best french toast in the world and I’m making my husband take me there this week!

Medical stuff: Nothing really.  I was on Progesterone supplements but stopped a few weeks ago. I’m seeing a high risk OB due to my history ( I may or may not talk about that on here.)  Thankfully the little one is healthy and looking great so far!  

Something I am excited about:  Finding out the gender next week!  



  1. Veronica @ Germlisch says

    I found your blog through the Pregnancy Journal link up. First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!

    French Toast sounds AMAZING right now! Can you share? hahah. And you are super cute in your photo! Not huge at all.

    Can’t wait to find out what the sex is with you!

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